Anastasia Miliori performs Early and Contemporary Music, using improvisation with flexibility. She studied violin, advanced theory, and classical singing in Greece and Germany, and she is also a graduate of the Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Philology School of Philosophy – University of Athens.
She studied violin and classical singing at the National Music School of Athens, receiving initially a Bachelor’s Degree (professor Ludmila Limorova) and consequently a Soloist Diploma (professor Dimitri Semsis) in violin. She holds also a Degree in Harmony and Counterpoint theory (professor Nikos Panagiotakis).
She continued her studies at the State Music University of Trossingen specializing in baroque violin under Professors Anton Steck and Jana Chytilova, while as a second subject she practiced early music singing under professor Jan Van Elsacker. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Early Music.
At the same time, she completed a course in classical singing at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, under professor Frederique Friess.
The following exceptional musicians influenced significantly – through MasterClasses – her musical technique and aesthetics: John Holloway, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Stefano Rossi, Angelika Luz, Monica Vasquez, Effie Agrafioti, and Georges Papoutsis.
She practiced jazz music on stage for several years playing with musicians such as Niklas Deeg, Dominik Schubert, Kostas Matzios, Dimitris Tsekouras, and Vangelis Stefanopoulos.
Anastasia Miliori Studies